External Hard Drive

  livewire 13:42 18 May 03

I'm looking for an external hard drive for my computer. can anybody recommend a drive, and what is the cheapest drives avalible?


  jazzypop 14:06 18 May 03

Certainly not the cheapest, but I use the Maxtor 5000XT. USB2 and Firewire connectors, one-touch backup, etc.

Good and reliable, so far.

Note that WinXP has difficulty with partitions over 137GB, although ther is now a patch available.

  livewire 14:12 18 May 03

I do not have a usb 2 interface does this matter?

  livewire 14:14 18 May 03

is it possible to buy external drives for under £100.00?

  Installer. 14:24 18 May 03

Have you got a spare unused internal hdd, you can get adaptors to use these externally via usb.

  jazzypop 14:40 18 May 03

A USB2 drive will work at USB1 speed, if you do not have USB2.

Alternatively, you can fit a firewire adaptor (if you have XP) into a PCI slot for about £12 - this will give a much faster data transfer than USB1.

  livewire 14:47 18 May 03

great i will go down my local shop and ask about of external hard drives

  Qmar 16:27 18 May 03

Archos (+budled software)- QVC tsv ?

  wee eddie 17:35 18 May 03

livewire. your post got a much better response than mine and answered almost all my questions as well. See mine for additional information click here

jazzypop. You mention one-touch backup. This is supplied software? I assume. Do you think it would allow me to put the contents of several smaller HD's onto the Maxtor.

  jazzypop 20:45 18 May 03

Hi wee eddie,

Soory, but I can't answer your question directly. The one-touch backup software that is bundled is Dantz Backup Express - see click here

I choose not to use it - I use Acronis to create regular images of my drives and partitions. I have created partitions on the external drive, and named them the same as the partitions on my 2 internal drives, plus the kid's PC (e.g. Drive J is called 'backup of Drive C', drive K is called 'backup of kid's C', etc).

If I can locate the CD, I will look it up in the Help file for you.

  wee eddie 22:32 18 May 03

Looks about right, Much more space than the LaCie.
I think!! I will go for it just in time to take the VAT off my next payment. So just before 15th June.

Thanks all. I shall close my thread.

I am sure I will be back with other problems soon, but this looks like the solution to my backup problems for the next 4 years or so.

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