External Hard Drive

  phd1 15:42 06 Jan 08

Hi All, i have taken out a internal hard drive and bought a external case and put the hard drive into the case. plugged in the usb cable computer found the Maxtor but i can not find it or access the now external hard drive. what have i done wrong

  tullie 15:47 06 Jan 08

Does it not show when you open "My Computer"

  phd1 15:48 06 Jan 08

no nothing

  bremner 15:50 06 Jan 08

Have you set the jumper to Master?

Does it show in Disk management.?

  phd1 15:53 06 Jan 08

this now external(or hope to be) hard drive is just full of music thats all. how would i check the disk management

  bremner 15:56 06 Jan 08

Right click My Computer > Manage > Disk management

  phd1 15:58 06 Jan 08

no not showing in disk management

  bremner 16:01 06 Jan 08

Have have not said if you checked the jumper - it must be set on Master when the drive is in an external caddy

  phd1 16:03 06 Jan 08

no i have not set the jumper (whatever that is) chap told me just to put it into the case plug in the usb and away we go, so how do i go about that please........

  bremner 16:06 06 Jan 08

On the end of the hard drive there are three sets of connectors. The power. the data and the jumper.

The jumper will have a small connector that must be placed across the correct terminal. click here

On a Maxtor the Master setting is the pair of connectors nearest the data connection

  bremner 16:08 06 Jan 08

Maxtor click here**&p_li=&p_topview=1

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