external hard drive

  mrcrow 16:39 24 Apr 06

i am going to upgrade my pc to 2.0 usb using a controller so i can back up my data on an external hard drive
i have been pricing the off the shelf ones and seem to be a bit pricey for a 7200 model..around £80
i think i could put one together using a case and hard drive separates..
what does this entail by way of gear i need to buy...the case and hard drive seem obvious but i dont know much beyond this
ie..do i need to get a drivers cd and a power source..although i would prefer usb method of power and will only be needing 40 Gb as that is the size of my onboard drives.
2.5 or 3.5 seems to be another choice i have..
i really wanted to just buy a plug and play one but as i stated..the £££ were more than i thought and i dont need 100Gb etc.

  johndrew 16:48 24 Apr 06

Have a look at Maplins click here I don`t think you could put one together for any less and you have a warranty.

  Greengage 16:52 24 Apr 06

You can pick up a 80Gb hard drive (Maxtor 7200rpm) for about £30 and the enclosure for about £15/20. You will only need specific drivers if you are not on Windows XP - in any case drivers for Win 98 should come with the enclosure.

  mrcrow 20:16 24 Apr 06

thanks both...if i buy an enclosure does it come ready for power input via usb etc...
i have been emailing some internet sites but they say they do not advise on tech matters
ps i can get a 80 seagate like the one in shown in maplins for £57.80 plus postage
i did want maxtor but see seagete have taken over or aquired maxtor...and your comment about warranty is well taken
any further info please..if possible

  ajm 21:05 24 Apr 06

Staples had a offer for a 250GB for £69.99

  woodchip 21:09 24 Apr 06

Caddy as a Mains adapter. You can only power a 2.5" laptop drive from USB

  mrcrow 22:55 24 Apr 06

"Caddy as a Mains adapter. You can only power a 2.5" laptop drive from USB"

i thought there were 3.5" plug and play types available ...and using only usb for power...could be wrong here...
what is caddy...

  johnnyrocker 23:30 24 Apr 06

is an external carrier/unit for hard drive.


  woodchip 11:10 25 Apr 06

You need a Mains Adapter for 3.5 External Drive. One should be supplied with Caddy

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