External Hard Drive

  UncleBulgaria 09:16 31 Oct 04

I am looking to buy an external hard drive with a capacity of around 111GB when formatted. Can anyone advise me on any preferred model which is reliable and has quick access. I would like it to run at 7200rpm.

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 09:32 31 Oct 04

A good option is to buy the parts and make it yourself - you can get a good 120gb disk for about £60 and a USB2 / firewire caddy for about £15.

click here


click here

for a couple of outlets for caddies.

  UncleBulgaria 09:38 31 Oct 04

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I am not the techy type so would much prefer to buy.

  jack 09:51 31 Oct 04

If your prefere to buy 'ready to go'
Then any main stream mail order house will do
them try click here click here
click here

  XP Medic 10:12 31 Oct 04

I use Maxtor one touch External HDD. It's excellent and pretty fast. Mine is a 250gb drive costing about £240.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:49 31 Oct 04

[quote] Unfortunately I am not the techy type so would much prefer to buy[/quote] - Well, this is your chance to begin! It will be one of the simplist options - and cheaper.

Still, if you want to buy, have a look at the Lacie range - good quality.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:06 31 Oct 04

click here for some more.

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