External Hard Disk Problem

  Bagsey 13:49 06 Mar 07

I have just bought a Wetstern Digital 250 gig external USB HD. I want to use it to store all of my Photos. I have copied 17 gig of files on to it and now I am being told that it cant copy any more as the disk is full. There is still over 200 gig available so why cant I access this space?
The external disk is formatted as Fat 32.
Should I format it in NTFS. I am using Win XP home. Thanks for any advice.

  anskyber 13:51 06 Mar 07

Yes is the short answer.

  Bagsey 13:52 06 Mar 07

Is there a size limit for Fat 32.

  Joe R 13:55 06 Mar 07


you would be better off changing the file format to NTF, as the fat32 system has size limits. (at one time it was 16GB, now unsure as I haven't used it for years).

  jack 13:57 06 Mar 07

XP has a limit I believe of 'self formating ' FAT32
Reformat to NTSF will gain the space but limit the discs use to NTFS machines
whereas FAT32 is 'universal'
Repartition using a 3rd part managent system
I have this past week end resolved a similar problem and used Paragon- which is free on PC Advisor November 2006 DVD

  anskyber 13:57 06 Mar 07

Yes there is so you could end up with numerous patitions in Fat32. click here

  rawprawn 13:58 06 Mar 07

I too have just bought a Wetstern Digital 250 gig
MyBook external drive. The first thing I did was to format it in NTFS. No problems at all.

  anskyber 13:58 06 Mar 07

Here is a useful debate to help you decide. click here

  skidoo 14:52 06 Mar 07

how do you format an external drive to NTFS.

  Bagsey 16:35 06 Mar 07

First plug it in as normal, then right click, go to properties, Format and then wait and wait and......zis,zssssss.Sleep for about 1.5 hours. But it works. This assumes that you are using XP.

  Bagsey 16:37 06 Mar 07

Thanks to all who helped. I did format it to NTFS and all is fine.
Thanks a lot everyone.I have now got all of my photos protected.

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