External dvd rewriter zaps the power!

  moby58 20:49 19 Dec 07

I use my cd /dvdewriter daily,and decided to buy an external rewriter to save wear and tear on the laptop rewriter [my last one died!,so I thought i would try to ease the use on this one]Ive got Vista,and bought a LITEON today.Tried it twice today to copy/burn,but laptop froze,and Nero froze!Any ideas on why??No other programs were open.Probably take it back tommorow.I wanted an easy Plug in and Go-Hassle free experience!Windows did display something about performance and the colours being used,but I dont want to alter that...Thanks in advance for any help.

  moby58 08:36 20 Dec 07


  interzone55 09:19 20 Dec 07

Does this external drive draw it's power from the USB port?

The USB ports on a laptop won't be able to give enough juice to power an external drive - does the LITEON drive have it's own PSU you could use, if not try using a powered USB hub. I know I have to do this with a USB TV tuner

  moby58 23:38 20 Dec 07

The LITEON is powered by the mains electric...so its not taking it from laptop

  moby58 09:34 21 Dec 07

its working a treat with cds....was a dvd copying trial that was slow/froze.mainly need it for cds so its fine!thanks anyway for all yr help.

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