External Drives

  rawprawn 17:14 05 May 11

I Have a Western Digital 250gb My Book powered external drive, I have just bought a Buffalo Ministation 1TB which is USB Powered. Is it OK to run both of these drives together continually? ((ie, always connected)

  gengiscant 17:21 05 May 11

I have a networked drive which I have not switched off since the day I got it. As I have mine set up to back up various folders automatically,it saves me having to remember to switch it on each time I boot.

  rawprawn 17:31 05 May 11

Hi gengiscant you say you have "a" networked drive, and I also have never switched off my WD My Book for the same reason, but I was just wondering if it is OK to run the two together continually. I have never had a USB powered Drive before of that size and need clarification that it is no problem.

  SB23 18:55 05 May 11

Whether right or wrong, I've connected both of mine at the same time with no problems. I've got a Seagate 500gb powered, and a small 120gb usb powered, and until I read your post I had never thought about it. I was transfering files the other day and even remember thinking about the speed at which they were moving from one to the other.

  rawprawn 19:07 05 May 11

Thanks for that SB23, I don't see that it should make a difference but thought I would ask the question.

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