External caddy or enclosure for salvaged DVD drive?

  br1anstorm 22:58 18 Feb 12

I have posted separately on the sudden death of my laptop. It seems that a fault in the mains adapter spiked the power supply and wrecked the motherboard.

The repair shop which confirmed the diagnosis has kindly removed the hard drive and put it into a "caddy" enclosure so that I can recover documents etc.

I'm wondering what else I can salvage. I could do with using the CD/DVD Read/Write drive, as our netbook doesn't have one. So I would like to extract the CD/DVD drive and put it into a case/caddy with a USB connection so that I can use it as an external DVD reader/writer.

  • is this possible? The DVD drive, though removable, has a slightly "shaped" front panel as it aligned with the laptop casing. I have browsed and googled and although there are lots of hard-drive enclosures, I am finding it hard to identify the right size/shape of "box" to house a DVD drive.

  • as well as the enclosure or box, presumably I need some sort of circuitry or adapter inside it with USB connections at one end and whatever other kind of connections the DVD drive itself needs? I confess I don't know the difference between IDE and SATA plugs and/or sockets....

Can anyone help me with the search for the right enclosure kit, and - even better - a pointer to some sort of tutorial about how to connect it all up and turn the internal laptop DVD unit into an external accessory?

Or is it all more trouble than it's worth? I just don't like throwing out parts that I feel could be (re)used.

  markd71 23:10 18 Feb 12

More costly & trouble than it's worth, an external dvd/rw is cheap to buy, memory might be salvagable but depends on how old / make/type it is, or maybe sell laptop complete for parts.

  br1anstorm 23:26 18 Feb 12

Markd71 - I was rather afraid that would be the conclusion. I have however found an enclosure that seems to be designed for what I was considering - the Startech SLMSOPTB - see here http://uk.startech.com/HDD/Enclosures/USB-to-Slimline-SATA-CD-DVD-Optical-Drive-Enclosure~SLMSOPTB , and available for about £15 from various well known suppliers.

Any other thoughts would be welcome. For £15, I might try it....

  markd71 23:45 18 Feb 12

You have a netbook so it wouldn't be long before the USB powered caddy burnt out your usb port, a new ex dvd drive costs about £35... Repair to netbook ?????. It's Risky !

  Joe G 00:38 19 Feb 12

Mark - why would a caddy burn out a USB port on a netbook? - would the same be true of a IDE to USB converter - which I have just bought to get files off my old PCs hard discs - I was going to use these as a back up system (along with my 500Gb external HDD)

  markd71 13:14 19 Feb 12

Let's just say it's better that the caddy has it's own power supply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 19 Feb 12

Or is it all more trouble than it's worth?


Got a similar one to this, just left front cover off as not required for the drive I salvaged from a failed laptop (Acer).

Has worked well used on a laptop that only has DVD rom / Cd writer.

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