Extending wireless internet range with two routers

  u0362565 14:14 31 Jan 15

Hi all,

I was just wondering if its possible to extend your wireless network range by having one main router connected to the phone line and then extending its range by having a second router elsewhere in the house (both routers connected to each other wirelessly). Ideally the second router would only require power and would allow devices to WIRELESSLY connect to it and thus the internet. I have read about using a second router to provide wired connections to devices but surely a wireless connection is also possible?

I have an EE router for my main router and then an older Sky Sagemcom router that i'd like to be a wireless repeater. Another issue is whether the sky routers can have their firmware changed to enable this..

Thanks for the help,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 31 Jan 15
  u0362565 16:15 31 Jan 15

Actually i did see this article but wondered whether it could be done with out the powerline adapter. I do have one so could try this out.


  u0362565 16:56 31 Jan 15

I am following the article mentioned in a previous post: click here main router has ip address and my slave routers default address was, so i changed this to hoping this was outside the range automatically assigned by my main router. I also disabled DHCP. When i applied this setting a page appeared to say the router will reboot as described in the article. If i now type the new address i assigned to the slave router into my browser it isn't able to connect to it. I use a mac and on the wifi symbol in the menu bar my computer is connected to the slave router but there is now an exclamation mark. In the network settings page the router's ip address is no longer displayed..

The article says that i should still be able to access the slave router in case i need to change settings in future but now i can't do that. I haven't yet tried proceeding anyway to see if the final step (connecting everything together works-i suspect it won't work.). Just not sure whats gone wrong?

My slave router is a sky sagemcom.

Thanks for the help.


  u0362565 17:10 31 Jan 15

Ok it works! I just can't access the slave anymore.. Hopefully i don't need to.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 31 Jan 15

you will be able to connect by wire or even reset it if required.

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