Extending the range of the wireless network

  Benmychree 17:49 25 Mar 15

We have a router supplied by Virgin Media. The signal upstairs at the other end of the house is pretty ropey, so I would like to boost it.

We have an Apple Airport Extreme and 2 Airport Express from our previous house - it had built in networking wiring so the Airport Extreme covered downstairs and the 2 Airport Expresses were plugged into a power source and then hooked into the port in the wall by ethernet cable, covering upstairs.

Someone said to me that I could use the same kit to extend the wifi signal in our current house by connecting the Virgin router to the Airport Extreme by ethernet cable, then just plugging the 2 Airport Expresses in upstairs (no ethernet connections), which will then pick up the wifi signal from the Airport Extreme wirelessly, acting as signal boosters upstairs.

Is this so? And could I miss out the Airport Extreme and just have the Airport Expresses picking up the signal directly from the Virgin router?

Thanks in advance!

  bumpkin 22:48 25 Mar 15

This may give you some guidance click here

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