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Extending Excel Row Quantities

  Jeep129 12:56 05 Jun 03


Does anyone know if it is possible to 'extend' the rows within Excel from 65,536. I export reports to Excel but some are greater than the current available rows - hence not all information appears.


  VoG™ 13:02 05 Jun 03

No, sorry it is a fixed number per sheet.

  VoG™ 13:07 05 Jun 03
  fitshase 14:52 05 Jun 03

65,536 rows?

I don't think I have been further than 200 rows! I would hate to be the one who has to input the data in that spreadsheet!

Have you looked into the other spreadsheet packages that are available? Some of them might have the facility to accommodate more that 65,536 rows.



  Big Elf 15:15 05 Jun 03

Does your source report have more than 65,536 populated rows or are some of them blank that can be removed? Let me know if some are blank and I'll draft out a workaround I use (for Oracle Financials reports) that allows you to deal with a source report of more than 65,536 rows.

If there are no blank rows in the source report then I have read (but not actually seen) that Quattro Pro can handle 1/2 million rows.

  skeletal 15:32 05 Jun 03

I know that other spreadsheets can handle about a million...it could be Quattro Pro, I just can't remember (it isn't Lotus 123, or at least before 2000, as I used to use this). For some stuff I do, 65k is a serious limitation which is why I've moved over to Access (which you may have depending on which type of Office you have).

Although it is not so intuitive as Excel, Access is amazingly powerful (when coupled with VBA) and if you are getting into "big" stuff it is definitly worth learning (but don't expect to do it in 10 minutes, or 10 days come to that!).

My "biggest" number of rows (records in Access terminology) is over 10 million! (No I didn't enter them all by hand!).

Good luck


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