Extending the cable distance help req'd.

  nick_j007 17:12 27 May 08

Hi all.

I've concluded that my desktop would be far better served by running a network cable in the tower and not use wireless.

The nearest phone socket is in my daughters bedroom (used to be ours) and the router modem would live there.

Am I best to run a new BT socket into the office (making it three outlets in the home then) which would allow me to run a fairly short network cable into the PC. Or, am I best running a network cable outside the house from the bedroom to the office?

Hope that's clear?

Thanks, Nick

  setecio 17:20 27 May 08

A network cable would be both easier and better, all you will need is some cat5e and a crimp tool and some RJ45s ... all available from Maplin or various online stores. (+ a drill ?)

  nick_j007 21:34 27 May 08

Cool, thanks. Will look into that I have a decent Maplin nearby too.

  nick_j007 22:01 27 May 08

Hmmm, thing is if I bring the router into the office it's more central to the home and I can then use the laptop more freely (and with a usable signal).

Might I be better to run a phone cable from the bedroom into the office and the router can live there in a central position, with a modest length of cable between the router and PC?

Mapin would do me phone cable too. Tell me if I'm on the wrong line here :)

Thank you!

  setecio 16:19 28 May 08

yea sounds as if it would work better.

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