Extended warranties

  Sprawlsy 12:47 18 Sep 03

I have recently bought a new desktop and have got the standard 1 year warranty that the manufacturer supplies. I am considering getting an extended warranty but didn't go with the vendors instore cover and am loath to go with the manufacturer as I am sure there are better deals to be had, problem is I don't know where to start looking! Has anyone got any recommendations?

  pepe 12:57 18 Sep 03

Here is my solution to extended warranties.

You have one years warranty supplied with your PC, so if anything goes wrong during that time, you're covered. From day one put aside £5.00 per week. At the end of the year you will have £260.00 put aside. If anything goes wrong during the second year your £260.00 should cover it. Continue putting away the £5.00 per week throughout the second year. At the end of two years you will have accrued £520.00. If nothing has gone wrong (and why should it on a new PC?), go out and have a spend up with your own money. In effect you are insuring yourself, with a gaurantee of all your money back if nothing goes wrong, but with a pool of money to cover the outlay if it does.

Or, get a good credit card, like Barclaycard, and get a second years free warranty on most items you purchase over £50.

Nationwide also offer a similar service with their card, but the list of products covered is much smaller than Barclays.

  Sprawlsy 12:49 01 Oct 03

Cheers for that guys, although having already bought the pc BJs option is a non-starter. The advantage (forgetting cost) of a warranty presumably is diagnostic help - i.e. do I just need to change a small component or do I need a new system? Any ideas of good warranty suppliers?

  -pops- 13:39 01 Oct 03

Extended warranties are often considered to be a ripp off and do not deliver what they claim.

I have all my equipment covered on my home insurance policy. There will be people who say that this can't be done but, it can. If your current insurance company won't do it, change to one that will. It only costs a few ££ a year.

  -pops- 13:41 01 Oct 03

N.B There are more experts on here than any extended warranty provider could even dream of and all advice here is free!!!!!!!!

  mark e 14:07 01 Oct 03

well said -pops-

  Sir Radfordin 14:24 01 Oct 03

One option is to do a 'self insure' system. If you find out how much you would be paying a 3rd party to provide cover then then set aside that amount each month into a savings acount, should you need to pay anything you will have the money saved. If you never need to replace anything you will be able to spend the money as you wish and get something for it.

There are very few situations where a component can't just be replaced.

  Sprawlsy 12:58 03 Oct 03

Cheers for the tips chaps - just be warned I'll be on here in a flash if my pc throws a wobble!

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