Extend range of wireless router

  TN 15:28 01 Feb 13

I have a Talktalk Router which has a wired connection to my desktop computer. I have been trying to connect the router through wireless to Sky's On Demand receiver in our living room and to my tablet and iPhone in my bedroom but the wireless signal does not reach either of these locations. Is there any way of amplifying the wireless signal to accommodate these two locations. Although we live in a bungalow there are three walls between the two areas. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. The router is a D-Link Model DSL2780. I am using Windows 7 Professional.

  compumac 15:32 01 Feb 13

Have you tried changing the wireless channels on the router?

  TN 15:43 01 Feb 13

No I haven't - is it easy as I am not too technical! :-)

  SillBill 16:11 01 Feb 13

One of these > http://www.belkin.com/uk/null-Belkin/p/P-F9K1106?q=::categoryPath:/Web/WSNT/WSNTWLS will extend your wireless footprint but be aware that others are available at less than half this price!

  sunnystaines 16:27 01 Feb 13

we are with talktalk their supplied routerhad poor range, replaced it with a bought maplins belkin one got excellent signals thought our house well worth paying for router.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 01 Feb 13

I prefer to connect router to Tv box with a set of home plugs that use the house wiring to transmit the signal see here

  happyhacker 17:14 01 Feb 13

1stly is your router centrally placed meaning its signal has optimal coverage around your bungalow? If not try to do this.

  TN 19:15 01 Feb 13

Many sincere thanks to all who have answered my plea - I think the best answer is to buy a new stronger router.

  SillBill 19:22 01 Feb 13

Best to see if you can return it if it doesn't do the job.

  compumac 21:22 01 Feb 13

I too live in a bungalow with the router situated in a room at the front and connected to my main PC. My Galaxy Tab 10 along with a Smart TV are in a room at the rear of the house with three/four walls in between. Both the Tab and the Smart TV are able to access the router without a problem. I would suggest in the first instance just check out the channel being used. I am not familiar with your router and therefore cannot advise as to the method with particular unit, but I would imagine that the manual should advise you. Going down that avenue initially will not cost you anything before you start incurring expense. As already stated you could try moving the router - again without cost to you.

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