Exrtact pictures from a CD or DVD

  watteneer 05 Jun 12

Is it possible to extract pictures from a Cd or DVD i have a CD/DVD that have family pics on them but i cant manage to extract any on to my hard drive to view all i can do is to view them as a slide show Regards to all

  john bunyan 05 Jun 12

Could you give a bit more detail? What Operating system? Are the pictures in .jpeg format? When you put the DVD in, is there an option to "view files"? If so in windows explorer you should be able to see the files in the drive that represents the DVD drive. Then you could copy and paste to your chosen location on the HD.

  iscanut2 05 Jun 12

Put CD/DVD into the drive, click on My Computer and then click on the drive containing the CD/DVD. Open it up to view contents and then do as john suggests, just drag the required picture files to your chosen location. Assuning the files are in .jpeg format.

  lotvic 05 Jun 12

My guess is that someone else made the cd (or is it a dvd?) and they made it in the form of a slideshow that plays when you insert it.

If that is the case we need to know what program the slideshow was made with and what programs you have on your pc.

When you insert the cd/dvd hold down the 'Shift' key and keep it held down until no cd/dvd drive activity and then you will be able to explore the files on the cd/dvd.

as an example to extract from a Powerpoint slideshow:

export the Powerpoint Presentation as an HTML web page. Choose File -> Save As and select .html from the File Format drop down.

PowerPoint will automatically extract every picture embedded in the PPT file and save it to the local folder. The same technique is also used to extract sound from presentations.

Alternatively, you may choose File -> Save As and choose an image format like JPG or PNG - this will save the entire presentation slides as numbered images.


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