Expression Web 1 - attaching DWTs

  sheila.weston 19:06 PM 13 May 11

Is there anyone out there who uses Expression Web 1?

I have quite a large website designed in EW1 using DWTs. Why is it that when I detach the DWT from one of the pages, the basic page design remains? When I created a new page in the web in the first place, I attached the DWT to a page of text only. The attached DWT added the banner, top menu and side menu etc, so surely detaching it should remove all the menus and page design. I just do not understand.

  cycoze 19:58 PM 13 May 11

When you detach from a page it only removes the formatting created by the template, the content is not removed from those pages, you will have to do that manually.

  sheila.weston 11:32 AM 14 May 11

Quite right, but I was expecting that everything BUT the content would be removed ie the text to remain, and nothing else.

I think that I understood 'content' to be just the text, whereas it actually includes the various menus and nav bars and banners, as on the DWT, but allows one to edit the page. Yes, I realise that any changes do not survive if the DWT is reattached.

Many thanks. This has been very useful.


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