Express card slot and extra usb ports query.

  grabster 19:35 04 Mar 08

Hi, The missus has a Advent lappy click here which suffers from wobbly usb ports caused by the mouse being yanked out once or twice by persons or grandkids unknown...
It is now at the stage where the usb ports are just about unuseable and it appears that repair may not be economiccally viable.
I was chatting to a local pc fixer today and he mentioned that notebooks have a slot into which i can insert a card which will give me access to a couple of extra usb ports.
Is the express card the slot of which he speaks and could anyone verify what i have been told and perhaps point me towards a suitable card ?

  Technotiger 19:38 04 Mar 08
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 04 Mar 08

Get a USB2 card for the slot see Technotiger's link.
I use one on an old HP that only has USB1.1 on board.

Have also just spent hours trying to get it to work on a very old Omnibook running windows95B (that was fun).

Card cost me a fiver from a computer fair.

  grabster 19:45 04 Mar 08

Thanks for the speedy reply,i was doing a bit of googling and came up with this click here which looks similar.

  grabster 19:51 04 Mar 08

I take it this one will do the job ?

I can buy this one locally as i dont wanna wait for delivery although i would rather have a 4 port one though.

  grabster 19:52 04 Mar 08

whoops.... this one click here

  Technotiger 19:53 04 Mar 08


  grabster 20:22 04 Mar 08

Thanks for the replys,im gonna tick this one now and look if i can find maybe a 4 port card from amazon that will do but failing that i will pop into mplex tomorrow and get the one in my previous post.
Many thanks for the advice given.

  grabster 19:08 05 Mar 08

Hmmm... got one today and it looks as if this one is meant for a wider slot is sort of L-shaped inside meaning i cant push this card fully home,obviously there are different cards available for these slots.
Just as well i noticed before i removed the warranty busting sticker on the inner plastic packaging so i can return it ok but im still in need of one that fits though.

  grabster 19:18 05 Mar 08

Looks like the middle one here .
click here

  grabster 22:04 14 Mar 08

Got this one here,from a reputable seller as well it seems. click here
works great with vista too.
The repair quotes i got where scarey so this has saved me a few squid as well.

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