explorer.exe or explorer.EXE

  birdface 13:29 10 May 07

Hi,Are both the same,Task Manager shows it as explorer.exe, Avg Anti-Spywareshow it as explorer.EXE Is the AVG one safe keep.

  beynac 13:37 10 May 07

They are both the same, provided that they are in the same location (Windows is not case-sensitive for file names).

The correct location is: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

  birdface 14:13 10 May 07

Hi thanks for the info.Done a search for explorer.EXE and nothing showed,All that showed Apart from explorer.exe was EXPLORER.EXE but this was C;\Windows prefetch,So I presume everything ok.

  jolorna 15:21 10 May 07


  beynac 15:41 10 May 07

That's fine. It can also be in C:\Windows\system32\dllcache.

  provider 2 15:47 10 May 07

I`m not sure if this clarifies the issue or not in view of the similarity of names for legitimate and/or harmful processes: click here

  beynac 16:19 10 May 07

What is AVG Anti-Spyware saying about it?

  birdface 00:21 11 May 07

Sorry about the delay,But had to go out.Provider2. Does not really clear it up,Gives it as a good product ,The other 4 gave it as a Virus/Trojan so took it that it just wanted you to run some of its products,So none wiser.And beynac I was just waiting for someone using AVG Anti-Spyware to come back and say it is the same on there computer, Under Analysis.processes,It comes up as explorer.EXE With the EXE in large case.I may just uninstall it and reinstall.And see what comes up.

  beynac 06:14 11 May 07

It doesn't matter whether it is explorer.EXE or explorer.exe - it is the location that matters. Windows is very inconsistent in using upper/lower case.

  birdface 09:21 11 May 07

Thanks Beynac,I have seen in the past that when in large Case it is sometime Virus Or Trojan,Just being Paranoid I think,Cant be to care-full out there,Ok will class this as resolved,Thanks everyone for your help.

  provider 2 09:47 11 May 07

I think it`s distinctly odd that AVG Anti-Spyware has picked up a legitimate process on your system and signalled a possible problem.
Would it be an idea to check it out with AVG? Do they have a forum or something like that where users can ask for clarification?

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