explorer.exe dialog box?

  wesparmalee 10:56 08 Feb 04

Everytime i go to shutdown my pc i have this annoying dialog box appear,telling me to end program.Once i click on end program the pc freezes on saving your settings,and i have to manually turn off the pc via the main power button.Any ideas how i can stop this from happening.Thanks.

  blue-flash 11:19 08 Feb 04

Funny? thats exactly the same as my prob. blueflash

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:21 08 Feb 04

Does it say what program it is that is not repanding?If not try turning the ones u have off before shut down if you do it 1 by 1 u should be able to find the one that stops responding.Also xp should end the program for u so tr not clciking end and let windows do it see what happens.If u using xp that is.


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