explorer screen disappears

  Victoria 21:33 26 Jan 09

when I open explorer teh window comes up blank for a split second then disappears. The hourglass disappears and it looks as if I have not tried to open it. I have tried rebooting (I am on my hiusbands scomputer at the moment!

  Graphicool1 11:51 27 Jan 09

Hi I take it you are talking about Internet Explorer and not Windows Explorer? If it's 'IE' try this...
Right Click (RC) the IE icon, on your desktop
Left click (LC) the 'General' tab
At the top it says 'Home Page' there's a box that should either be displaying your 'Home Page' (Default) or 'about:blank' (Use Blank)?

If it is showing something else, that you don't recognise high-light it and delete. Then click on either (Use Default) your 'Home Page' or (Use Blank) this brings the page up quicker. Now click 'Apply' and 'Ok'

  Victoria 18:16 27 Jan 09

I followed youir instructions - I am talking about internet explorer - same problem - as I open it (clickk on the desktop icon or from the start menu, it looks as if it is going to open up but instead of the screen filling with all sorts of exciting things it just disappears after less than a second

  brundle 19:25 27 Jan 09

ie7 step by step troubleshooting
click here
click here

  Victoria 17:42 28 Jan 09

thank you for your replies - after tearing our hair with the microsoft helpline we have mangae to take off the add-on which was causing the problem

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