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  gill 14:13 07 Dec 05

Hi All, I have a niggling problem which has just started happening. When in Internet Explorer and I open a page using the right mouse click to open in it's own window, the page opens only a third of the normal size in the centre of the screen.If I just double click ,it will open as normal.It's not the end of the world but it's quite frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.I an using Win XP Home with SP2.Thanks Gill

  SANTOS7 14:31 07 Dec 05

Open explorer while it is only one third size move mouse pointer to top right corner of page till pointer turns to a double ended arrow, left click and hold mouse button down and drag explorer page to wards corner of screen till it is full size, close explorer then it should reopen full size..

  gill 14:57 07 Dec 05

Hi SANTOS7, Yeah, I've tried resizing by dragging the window to full size but I am unable to do that from the corner as the window is about a third size sideways but it is full size from top to bottom (if that makes sense)If I drag the right hand side out to full size it leaves the left hand side a third short.When I drag both sides out and close the window it opens in third size again. Thanks. Gill

  SANTOS7 15:04 07 Dec 05

O.K move mouse to top of page left click hold and move whole page to left of screen till it meets edge
then drag right edge of page accross to right edge filling screen that way making page full size close page see what happens

  gill 15:10 07 Dec 05

Hi, I have just tried that SANTOS7 but the same thing happens each time.It is most frustrating.
I do appreciate your interest. Gill

  SANTOS7 15:13 07 Dec 05

Hi Gill, never noticed O/S before have you tried a system restore, in mean time i'll keep looking..

  SANTOS7 15:17 07 Dec 05

Opening Internet Explorer Full Size

Ever notice sometimes you right-click on a link and open a new window and it's not full screen? This usually occurs because IE remembers the last window size when closed. Many times a background pop-up will do this too, if it is the last window closed. To resize the window and regain control:

* Close all instances of Internet Explorer except for one.
* Right-click on a link in the page and select: "Open in New Window"
* Close the first browser window using the [ X ] (upper right corner)
* Resize the window manually by dragging the sides to the desired size.
Note: Do NOT click the Maximize button, you must do it manually.
* Hold down the Ctrl key and click the Close button (upper right)

O.K Gill found this it should help...

  gill 15:19 07 Dec 05

Thats for your suggestions. I hadn't thought of a system restore but I guess if I can't find an answer then it may come to that. Gill

  SANTOS7 15:25 07 Dec 05

Not knowing how things like that happen can be very frustrating (joys of computing) and sometimes system restore is the safe and easiest option.....

  gill 15:25 07 Dec 05

SANTOS7 you are a star. Thanks a million.I've been days trying to solve this puzzle.Your method worked a treat.Thank you very much for your kind help. Gill.

  SANTOS7 15:27 07 Dec 05

click here
the above advice came from the link, it may be usefull for future reference, more than glad to help...

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