explorer icon instead of web page icon??????

HELP,Head being done in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When i am browsing , and try to save a web page in favourites/Desktop the icon is always 'explorer'.
Programes from disk always have their own individual icons.Iv'e tried the 'FavesToGo'programe but didnt really understand the process of obtaining the icon in the first place,
I am now running my 2nd power pc,my 1st being a p4 lap-top and experienced the same problem then
Can anyone tell me what i need to change??????

  DieSse 20:34 04 Jan 04

That's correct - as they're all web pages, they all have the same icon, which is the icon for the program used to display them - Internet Explorer.

In the same way that all documents have the Word icon, and all spreadsheets have the Excel icon (when using MSOffice)

  DieSse 20:37 04 Jan 04

If you put a shortcut to them on the disktop, rather than the Web page itself - then rightclick and choose Properties - you'll see a Choose icon button - and you can pick another one if you wish. But Web pages do not have their own individual icon.

  DieSse 20:38 04 Jan 04

disktop = desktop ;-))

thanks ,that does make a lot of sense,BUT.......
for instance,i have re loaded 'amazon.co.uk',then saved it to my favourites and confirmed overwrite.Amazon now apears in my fave's with its own icon,it will remain like that for 'x' amount of time and then revert to the explorer icon.ive done this with several sites this evening,they too now have appropiate icons of their own.How do i keep them
'I LIKE ICONS' sorry

  VoG II 20:51 04 Jan 04

I think you mean Favicons which eventually get flushed from the browser cache. click here for how to save them.

BINGO!! had a look and i think thats it,a bit cautious of the 'fee'part....how and how much do you think i'll be charged?


  DieSse 22:15 04 Jan 04

As you will probably have discovered by now, only a few sites have favicons.

Ok,so ive downloaded it,and run it but it wont find an icon for 'ask jeeves',i ask you !!!!!
some of the searches result in a new icon-others result in a green tick (valid url) but no icon.
I cant accept that 'jeeves' doesnt have an icon, do i need the appropiate page open and minimised as i run FavOrg???? help is greatly appriciated,this has bugged me for a good 2yrs,it's also the first time ive used a forum-
so again 'you beauty'-'Nice1'

  VoG II 22:33 04 Jan 04

No you don't need the web page open when you run it. Maybe it couldn't connect to the site. Try re-running the program.

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