Explore - No more!

  ArrGee 10:10 25 Mar 07

I have two DVD drives on my PC, one is a read/write, the other is read-only.

When inserting a disc in the read/write drive, I used to be able to go to My Computer, right click on the drive, and the option to 'explore' had been available.

It's still available on the read-only drive, but not on the read/write anymore.

Any ideas?

  pj123 14:13 25 Mar 07

Can't help with your question but why not try Powerdesk 5 (free).

I never use My Computer/Windows Explorer now.

Download Powerdesk from the PCA Download site or

click here

Far superior than Win Explorer.

  ArrGee 12:24 26 Mar 07

Cheers pj123, I'll look into that.

  ArrGee 09:12 27 Mar 07


  vinnyT 11:45 27 Mar 07

Powerdesk 6 (in both free and pro versions), click here

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