Exe command in Commander Keen 4

  Duncanf 00:02 03 Apr 08

Can anyone remind me of what the exe file is in Commander Keen 4? I need the correct exe file name to start the programme. I'm using DOSBOX and had the programme going yesterday but something has gone wrong!

  brundle 00:05 03 Apr 08


  Duncanf 00:13 03 Apr 08

Thanks, Brundle...that's the one I thought it was. I'm using DOSBOX as you suggested yesterday and followed the excellent tutorial that was given.
I put the downloaded zip files into a KEEN 4E folder and opened the file in DOSBOX but the exe command (KEEN4E.EXE)is saying it's an illegal command. Yesterday, however I did what I thought was the same and I had it working great. Will keep trying.

  brundle 00:21 03 Apr 08

Might it have been overwritten or damaged? 102355 bytes. Giving the folder the same as the executable could also be a problem, change it to Keen instead. Even bearing in mind it was working previously.

  brundle 00:21 03 Apr 08

`same name` is what I meant

  Duncanf 00:24 03 Apr 08

Interestingly, my programme I downloaded for Keen is 713kb and has 3 files. The dosbox suggested that you leave the files unzipped in the keen folder.

  brundle 00:33 03 Apr 08



  brundle 00:45 03 Apr 08

And make sure you CD to the C drive where the game is located in DOSBox. IE

mount c c:\keen
cd c:
type K then press TAB to autocomplete the name, that can also solve problems with commands on occasion

  Duncanf 00:47 03 Apr 08

Not quite...Audio.CK4

These are the unzipped ones I think.

The 3 I referred to were unzipped and they were
CK4SW14.shr .....Install and File_ID
I just can't remember exactly how I arranged the files but I certainly got it working.
Maybe my download is incorrect.

  Duncanf 00:55 03 Apr 08

The Dosbox tutorial suggested making another folder, C:\oldgames and then put the game folder (Keen) into it.
I then did...
mount c c:\oldgames
then C:\
then cd .....sorry I'm forgetting now!
Will forget 'oldgames' and just make 'Keen'
Should the files that go into that be zipped or unzipped?
Sorry for keeping you late. I'll stop after this effort!
Thank you for additional info regarding TAB etc.

  brundle 01:01 03 Apr 08

You're ok with C: , that's the same as using CD C:

Your prompt will change to C:\>

Then type DIR to check you have the correct folder and files, then try Keen4.exe (or just K and then TAB)

The files should be unzipped.

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