Exchange Congestion & Service Outage Checker

  woofwoofbark 23:24 30 Sep 06

Hi I have found this site and ran its checker ... I live in a Town in West Lothian that has around a 10,000 population ...

here is the result:-....

Results for exchange: Whitburn
Congestion status on this exchange is RED.

Your telephone line has been identified as being on a congested exchange. If you are receiving varying speeds between 400kbs - 2000kbs at different times of the day this is likely to be a result of the congestion issue.

A provisional date of Oct 7, 2006 has been set for upgrading this exchange.
Major Service Outages
There are no Major Service Outages on your line at this present time"

so , does anyone know what this means "A provisional date of Oct 7, 2006 has been set for upgrading this exchange." im wondering if my broadband will be affected ??

any ideas , or should I contact BT ?



  woofwoofbark 23:26 30 Sep 06
  woofwoofbark 07:47 02 Oct 06


  sean-278262 08:59 02 Oct 06

I would expect it means that your exchange will have more equipment installed to allow more people to enjoy the broadband at more reasonable speeds. My exchange says it will be done on the 12th using that site however I am dubious about the accuracy.

  Graham. 09:00 02 Oct 06

No need to contact BT, you should not lose broadband. Check your speed at various times, then see if they improve after the upgrading.

  CurlyWhirly 18:13 02 Oct 06

I tried out your link click here and it said that my exchange is heavily congested (red) and yet when I try my usual exchange checker click here the latest entry is green.

In fact the last 5 entries have been green:

11th September 2006, 4th September 2006, 28th August 2006, 14th August 2006 and 24th July 2006.

So which one do I believe?

  bluto1 19:30 02 Oct 06

I tried yours BMW`sAre GREAT`s and got exactly the same readings. Strange thin is that I`m getting appx. 4.7 GB connection on a 2 GB tariff.

  anskyber 19:35 02 Oct 06

Checked mine and its green on your checker.

  anchor 11:18 03 Oct 06

Like CurlyWhirly, a test for my exchange in NW London gave red on BMW'sAreGREAT`s link, and green on his second link.

Speeds are good and seem to be constant; I am puzzled too.

  anchor 12:20 03 Oct 06

Another checker

click here

  CurlyWhirly 22:14 06 Oct 06

That last link (PlusNet) gives the SAME info as the Zen checker i.e. green so I have doubts about the Nildram checker TBH.

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