Exception to the rule

  kp 23:16 25 Nov 04

I think most people will agree that sound on a website is irritating and flash animations are also a little annoying when done gratuitously. Every now and then, you stumble across a website that is a pure work of art. This one provides very little information except to a selected few interested parties, but I think it has to be said(IMHO), that from a purely artistic perspective, this one works beautifully.....take a look. Ignore the content, just concentrate on the work that has gone into it.

click here

(By the way, the site is nothing to do with me before I get accused of self-promotion).


  kp 23:25 25 Nov 04

Perhaps you might wish to turn the music off on second thoughts after a few minutes/seconds/immediately but it's not totally out of place for a short time.


  Sir Radfordin 23:35 25 Nov 04

Too many websites get an artistic touch be a web designer and end up being too hard to use. Yes, this site does look 'nice' and you can appreciate the work that has gone into it, but it doesn't work as useful site. You can't read most of the text...red on red is never going to be good.

click here is another example of a good looking site but try and use it and you quickly run into problems. As someone with very little artistic talent I'm amazed at how many people seem to like the websites I do. The reason they do? Because they are simply to use and you can get the information you want out of them.

  kp 00:01 26 Nov 04

I totally agree. The site I quoted has little in the way of useful content, I just thought the art work was to be admired.


  Forum Editor 00:05 26 Nov 04

Red text on a red ground is a basic design error, and frankly the endless motion on the homepage made me want to click away. Never mind the lack of meaningful content, the site fails to qualify as good design - in my opinion. That's the point though, isn't it? A site that pleases one person may drive another to distraction, and what a dull world it would be if we all had the same design sense - or lack thereof.

As for the University of the West of England site in Sir Radfordin's link - I'm astonished that a web site designed and written by a university should have such an appalling grammatical error on its opening page. "Are you getting all the funding you could be"?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:40 26 Nov 04

anyone who speaks proper English like wot we does would know it should be 'Is you getting'! tut tut.

  Sir Radfordin 09:27 26 Nov 04

FE - what's the grammatical error on that page?

  Forum Editor 09:52 26 Nov 04

It's a badly constructed sentence. "Are you getting all the funding you could be"?

Could be what - could be spending? could be wasting? could be ignoring?

A better construction is called for. "Are you getting all the funding that is available?" Or "Are you getting all the funding to which you are entitled?" Take your pick. If you want to be snappy, try "Fully funded?"

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