Excel/powerpoint prob

  pickle factory 17:07 28 Jan 05

Hi folks. I have an Excel sheet which has a chart inbedded into part of it. (Need to keep it all together). I want to insert the whole sheet into Powerpoint, but when I copy/paste, it doesn't size the sheet correctly, it fills the powerpoint page but at a scale where only about 25% of the Excel sheet is showing. I can double click the sheet in p/point which then provides scroll bars to view the remainder, but I just want the whole sheet visible. I hope my explanation makes some sense. To try for a visual explanation, I can print the sheet from Excel on A3 for best effect, it all fits fine, but if you imagine the powerpoint page, it is filled completely, but the scale is too large and it can only fit in a small portion of the sheet. Anyone any suggestions? Cheers

  Zaphod 3 17:24 28 Jan 05

If you use paste special on the worksheet that you want and then right click on the paste icon that appears and select entire workbook that appears to work on one here.

  pickle factory 17:37 28 Jan 05

Sorry, I should have mentioned my cheapskate company only provides Office 97, when I try paste special I get a window with 6 choices, the only one relevant specifically to Excel being 'Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object' (The others are 'Picture', 'Picture advanced metafile', 'Device Independant Bitmap', 'Bitmap', Formatted Text' and 'Unformatted text', but using the Excel Object choice has exactly the same result. Am I copying correctly in the first instance? I have tried hitting top left cell label to highlight entire sheet and copying, I've tried just highlighting the cells used and 'ctrl c' ing it. I still get the same effect. I thought at one stage that having print box in Excel set for A3 was an issue, so I changed it to A4, same result. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

  VoG II 17:40 28 Jan 05

Hold down the Shift key. Click on Edit and you should see "Copy picture". Release the Shift key and select Copy picture. When prompted select As shown on Screen. Go to Powerpoint and paste the picture in.

  pickle factory 17:49 28 Jan 05

VoG. No go. I get error 'Picture is too large and will be truncated'. Carried on anyway and it pasted huge again, straight off the p/point page and into gray areas off the screen. Still hate it!!

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