Excel won't show total

  Stubacka 13:26 16 Feb 07

I have a spreadsheet with blocks of addresses with adjacent data that needs to be totalled per block (like sub-totals but not using the sub-total facility)
e.g. cell C10 =SUM(C2:C9)

then C20 =SUM(C12:C19) etc.

On the face of it this is the simplest formula that Excel will ever meet. However, it works in cells C10, C20, C30, etc. then inexplicably shows 0.00 in one of the cells, say C50, despite the fact that the formula in the cell is correct i.e. C50 =SUM(C42:C49) and formats etc. are identical to the other cells that work.
It the proceeds to work again on subsequent cells C60, C70, etc.

Is there a "switch" or something that has been activated for the faulty cell or is this a known Excel bug?

  TonyV 13:51 16 Feb 07

I know you say the formatting is the same for all cells, but are you sure that you have not clicked on the Hide facility?

Check your Protection and look at the Hidden make up.


  VoG II 13:55 16 Feb 07

Is it possible that C42:C49 are inadvertently formatted as text?

In D42 (or another spare column) enter


and copy down, then try summing those cells.

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