Excel weakness - spreadsheet row height

  Templar1961 22:09 12 Oct 08

I want to set the row height in a spreadsheet to excatly 0.5875cm.

I have tried this in MS Excel 2007 but it didn't work. I tried this in Star Office and it rounded up to 0.59cm but this was better than MS Excel 2007 could achieve.

Has anyone any comments/suggestions on this?

Is this a 'weakness' of Excel?

  jry 00:19 13 Oct 08

There are limits in Excel - you can specify a row height of 0 to 400 points. 1 point is approx 0.035 cm. Setting the row height to 17 points will give 0.595cm. If you set it to 16.7857 points (to get your 0.5875) it will just default to 17.

  lotvic 00:50 13 Oct 08

"I want to set the row height in a spreadsheet to excatly 0.5875cm"

may I ask why? (there may be another way to achieve your desired result)

  Templar1961 17:55 13 Oct 08

I need the spreadsheets to fit into a markbook. Why not just use a spreadsheet to record the marks you might ask?

I have multiple class lists that I don't wish to write out by hand. It seems that the makers of the markbooks haven't considered that people may print out lists to stick in the books as it seems impossible to get a good fit with excel (which most shcools use?)

  Rahere 17:58 13 Oct 08

You could try pasting completed sheet into Word and adjusting there?

  T I M B O 18:07 13 Oct 08

1) Click on format
2) Click Row
3) Click Height
4) Then type in ur desired height
5) Click ok and click save.

  Rahere 18:10 13 Oct 08

Two ways I found are both rather inconvenient:

Apparently you can use a VBA code for this, I'm no expert but it can be googled!

The other way is to change your regional settings to use mm not inches which affects everything on your PC.

It seems Microsoft have overlooked this feature.

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