Excel very slow to save

  snowman 20:34 29 Jul 06

Anybody give a clue as to why excel is taking an age to save. It opens the 5 workbooks via a macro in amatter of seconds and takes at least 30 seconds to save each one. one workbook is 600kb and 1 is 6mb but they alltake the same time to save. Something happened not sure what as they used to be fast at saving although slightly longer than the opening time but nowhere near the time taken now

  ArrGee 20:37 29 Jul 06

Have you loaded up any new apps recently? (And also gone throught the usual route of checking for mal/spyware?)

  VoG II 20:43 29 Jul 06

Slow saving is a known issue when you have several workbooks open. The following macro will close them all down and may be a tad quicker:

Sub Auto_Close()
Dim File As Object, FileStatus As String
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
ActiveWorkbook.Close Savechanges:=True
For Each File In Workbooks
If ActiveWindow.Visible Then
FileStatus = Dir(ActiveWorkbook.path & "\" & ActiveWorkbook.Name)
If FileStatus = "" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs CreateBackup:=True
If ActiveWorkbook.Saved = False Then ActiveWorkbook.Save
End If
End If
Next File
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub

  snowman 21:17 29 Jul 06

Vog the macro does save slightly quicker but ideally i would like it to save the workbooks and not shut them down (an incremental save when i feel the need)


  VoG II 21:22 29 Jul 06

Just put a ' in front of Application.Quit

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