Excel VBA question

  IanNiblock 08:42 04 Jun 03

Hello all,

I am trying to programmatically create a header on an Excel 2000 workbook using VBA. I have read about the RightHeader property, but the MSDN documentation seems to say that this property can only be used to input text into the header. My problem is that I want to insert an image, can anybody help me?

  keith-236785 08:48 04 Jun 03

i would think that by writing some VB code into the properties of the header that you should be able to place an image into the header, i dont know much about VB except the basics, have a look at writing a procedure into header properties and see if you can "insert" an image.

sorry mate best i can think of. surely someone else will expand on this.

  IanNiblock 11:46 04 Jun 03


<Thanks paperman>

  Simsy 12:01 04 Jun 03


click here

Good luck,



  Taran 12:04 04 Jun 03
  IanNiblock 12:43 04 Jun 03

Simsy - thanks for the link, looks like some useful info

Taran - that is exactly what I was after, thank you very, very much.


  duckers 13:02 04 Jun 03

start recording a macro, do your stuff in the interface (where I imagine its possible), stop your macro, edit the code to do exactly what you want, add it to the rest of your VBA.
I always do this if I am stuck. I dont know maybe its so obvious or I have missed the point and you already tried that. anyway I hope this helps.

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