Excel - ticking a box adds a value to a total

  Chris123 14:53 23 Sep 03

I would like prepare a survey form using Excel.

Each question would have five possible answers - say cells D5,E5,F5.G5 and H5.

To record an answer, I would like the respondent to click on a box and by clicking this would dispay a tick.

All boxes in column D would have a value of and all boxes in column H would have a value of 5

Each time a box is ticked the appropriate value would be added to a total.

It would be even better is we could ensure that only one box is ticked per row!

Any advice for an Excel novice?


  VoG II 15:39 23 Sep 03

What you are asking for is feasible but is likely to require some programming in Visual Basic for Applications. As you say that you are an Excel novice I doubt if this would be an option.

Can't you just get respondents to enter a value in the appropriate column? You could then use COUNTA on the range Dx:Hx (where x is the row number) to check that a value had been entered in only one column.

  JimT 21:01 01 Oct 03


Bring up the Forms toolbar (View, Toolbars) which allows you to add tick boxes, radio buttons etc. These are linked to actual cells, so that, for example, ticking a box puts a 1 into a cell.

These can be a bit fiddly and take a bit of time and a lot of right clicking, but will definitely do the job without programming.

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