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  faulties 16:44 12 Mar 06

How do I change the size of the font used on Excel tabs please? Because I'm closing the business down this year I've added several more pages to the last quarter. Trouble now is I can't get at all the tabs without having to click the l or >l arrows at the side.

I've moved the bar as far right as possible to get more space but it's not enough.

I just thought that if I make the font smaller that may work! I'd rather not rename each tab as there's lots of links in the file that would become useless.


  brambles 17:49 12 Mar 06

Looked at Excel but there doesn't appear to be any option to alter the font in the tab.

What you could do - is to number tabs just A,B,C etc. then type a separate sheet (you'd only have to do it once)

A January Expenses
B February Expenses
C Sales Summary Jan-Dec 2005

That way at least you'd get plenty of visible tabs in the Workbook


  pj123 17:51 12 Mar 06

I don't think you can. The more Sheets you have the less that gets shown on the taskbar.

You will just have to use |<, <, >, |> to navigate the sheets.

  Simsy 17:59 12 Mar 06

to move quickly between sheets, is to right click on the navigation buttons in the bottom left...

This brings up a list of all the sheets and you can click to select the one you want.



  faulties 18:03 12 Mar 06


As I said I'd rather not rename each tab as there's lots of links in the file that would become useless. The links move amounts of money from one page to another or to an expenses file etc. I don't fancy having to re-do all the links.

I suppose I'll have to do as pj123 suggests and use the |<, <, >, |> buttons.

I wondered if I changed the size of the Windows font if that would make any difference, but I don't see anywhere I can make it smaller than normal, only larger!?

Thanks all.

  Simsy 18:25 12 Mar 06

my post?

Depending on how many sheets you have the method I suggest is quicker than using the |<, <, >, |> (navigation), buttons.



  faulties 18:26 12 Mar 06


That's great thanks, makes life a lot easier.

Very gratefull.

  exdragon 00:02 13 Mar 06

Have a look at ASAP Utilities click here

You can add a clickable index sheet anywhere you like in the workbook and name each sheet whatever you want and off you go!

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