Excel & Sizing Measurements

  tbh72 22:56 12 Sep 03

Ummmm, despite looking I have failed to find a method to resize cells using conventional measurements as appossed "pixels". Is there a way to do this.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:05 12 Sep 03

document windows eg; 75% or 150% + bit like the zoom in or out.

If you change the Font Text Size of a cell maybe ?

  VoG II 23:12 12 Sep 03

Unfortunately "no".

Cell width is reported in the number of characters (I think Arial in 10 pt) that will fit in a cell. Rows in pixels. By now you will have worked out that the program was (probably) written by Americans. I say this because one of our parent companies is American and one of their preferred units is "square inches per litre"!

  tbh72 23:16 12 Sep 03

Thank's for that guy's, I thought it might be the case. It would most definately explain why it was so very difficult for me to "let go" of Quattro Pro, oh the good ole day's!!!

  Peverelli 08:57 13 Sep 03

I'm curious now. What can be measured in square inches per litre? Do they covert kilograms to light years as well? ;O)

  VoG II 09:42 13 Sep 03

Square inches per litre is used in the USA to specify the surface area of a material to be immersed in water for a soak test.

Here we use square centimetres per litre or similar.

  Peverelli 09:54 13 Sep 03

Cheers VoG, makes more sense now. We use both metric and imperial (at the same time!) at work. It's fun to watch peoples faces as they try to machine something to, say, 1/10 inch while measuring with a metric micrometer :O)

  VoG II 10:02 13 Sep 03

In my time I've seen all sorts. Particularly memorable are:

"Standard Brighton-man push" - how many men it takes to push two pieces of large bore pipe together.

"Inches per fortnight" - to describe how "gunge" dumped to land shrinks as it dries out.

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