Excel - Sequencing formula cells

  si_gone 21:56 23 Sep 08

My first cell has the formula ='Aug 08 Apr 09'!$D$17 and the next one down has ='Aug 08 Apr 09'!$D$18. I need the next cell down to read ='Aug 08 Apr 09'!$D$19 and so on down the page in sequence, but when I drag the cell corner handle, it just copies the first and second formulae into subsequent cells. Can it be done simply?

  mgmcc 22:30 23 Sep 08

The inclusion of the dollars sign makes the reference *ABSOLUTE* instead of *RELATIVE*, i.e. it doesn't change when copied/dragged into other cells. If you remove the $ from the row number, it will increment as you drag the formula down.

...if that's what you mean?

  si_gone 23:05 23 Sep 08

Ha! So that's what the $ means! I've removed it and, hey presto, it works! What an absolute star you are!! Thanks!

  si_gone 19:29 05 Nov 08

Following on from that, I am working across a row. First cell contains =SUM($BM74:$EZ74). I need the next cells to read =SUM($BM75:$EZ75), =SUM($BM76:$EZ76) and so on. I don't seem to be able to do that. Is it possible?

  mgmcc 21:00 05 Nov 08

When you copy "relative" references down ROWS, the ROW numbers increment. Similarly, when you copy "relative" references across COLUMNS, the COLUMN letters will increment.

Copying across COLUMNS won't automatically increment ROW numbers.

  VoG II 21:09 05 Nov 08

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