Excel questions

  Josquius 14:44 28 Mar 05

1: Is there anyway I can deactivate/remove the navigation buttons at the bottom of a spreadsheet?
2: Is there anyway to block the entry of something into a cell?

Probally more but I've forgotten...

  wednesday 13 15:01 28 Mar 05

1: at the end of a toolbar, click on the drop arrow>Customise>toolbars>uncheck the bottom toolbar.

2: What do you mean?

  TonyV 15:01 28 Mar 05

Look at the hide facility to hide a particular sheet, (Format/Sheet/Hide). Or if you are looking at a tool bar that is on the bottom of the screen, click on the toolbar and uncheck the one that is showing there. With regard to blocking a cell, you will have to go into the Protect system in Excel. Click on Tools then Protection and follow the system through there. Hope this gives you what you are looking for.

  Josquius 15:11 28 Mar 05

Hiding does not work, that totally hides the sheet, I want it accessable via navigation buttons just not the buttons at the bottom of excel.
I don't get what you mean Wednesday for what to do there.

What I mean is
1- On the bottom of worksheets it has tabs with sheet1, sheet2, etc... I want these removed however sheets to be accessable via the buttons I have made
2- Make it so you can't click in a cell and write something (though again have stuff added via buttons)

  VoG II 15:48 28 Mar 05


Sub Auto_Open

ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False

End Sub

2. Protect the worksheet.

  Josquius 20:59 02 Apr 05

How do you protect worksheets?

  VoG II 21:06 02 Apr 05

Tools - Protection - Protect Sheet.

Before doing this, select the cells that you want the user to be able to change, Format - Cells, Protection tab and untick everything.

  Dark Knight 21:07 02 Apr 05

To protect a sheet in excel simply go to tools -> protect sheet. This can be given a password if you want. This process can be done via VBA code. in VBA simply type protect into help for an example.

To have certain cells active highlight the required cells right click -> format cells --> protection and untick locked. this process must be done before protecting the sheet.

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