Excel question, conditional formatting (or another way)

  exdragon 15:38 15 Jan 13

Hi - I have a spreadsheet with data in columns A - J and thousands of rows. I want to highlight a particular row if I put the word 'no' into any cell in column B, in any row.

I don't want to just fill the individual cell and I only want the highlight to go from A to J. I've tried various examples of conditional formatting but I'm not getting what I want.

Could someone point me in the right direction, please? It's Excel 2007.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:07 18 Jan 13

"I want to highlight a particular row if I put the word 'no' into any cell in column B, in any row"

Always the same row, no matter in which row the 'no' is entered?

  exdragon 15:02 19 Jan 13

It's whatever row I put 'no' in - so if it's in rows 256, 1026 and 1069, I'd like to have each of those rows highlighted.

  TonyV 15:53 19 Jan 13


Have a look here. Conditional Format in Excel 2007


  exdragon 10:54 20 Jan 13

TonyV - you're a star, it worked a treat once I scrolled down to see that, if I wanted to use a word rather than a number, I had to use "no" rather than just no in the formula.

Many thanks.

  TonyV 20:11 20 Jan 13


Glad you were able to make use of it. It was certainly a useful site to look at. You are right, when you refer to text, you need the " ".



  exdragon 20:38 20 Jan 13

I'll bookmark it!

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