Excel question

  rawsongreen 12:13 23 Feb 10

Is it possible to change the first letter of words to uppercase without changing the letter after an apostrophy as well, as using ‘=proper’ does.
Or is there a way of changing letters after an apostrophy to lowercase.

  folsom 12:20 23 Feb 10

Wait for Vog coming on he will advise

  Rahere 12:24 23 Feb 10

Try find and replace from the Edit menu

you have to be quite specific about what to change but it will get the job done

  VoG II 12:29 23 Feb 10

With a User Defined Function: Press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, select Module from the Insert menu and paste into the white space on the right

Function VoG(r As Range) As String
VoG = StrConv(r, vbProperCase)
End Function

Press ALT + F11 to return your sheet then use the formula


to convert the text in A1.

  shellship 12:39 23 Feb 10

What would we all do without trusty old VoG™!

  rawsongreen 12:42 23 Feb 10


Thanks that works.

Vog's answer may make it simpler!

  rawsongreen 13:02 23 Feb 10


What can I say that has not been said probably hundreds of times before.

Thank you.

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