Excel Question

  Alf58 21:49 08 Oct 07

I have lots of lists of names in Excel spreadsheets set out horizontally (left to right). I would like to paste them into other Excel spreadsheets but this time vertically in other words reading from top to bottom. Can anyone tell me how? Please ! It is doing my head in.

I am using Excel in Office 2003.

  IntoPCs 21:58 08 Oct 07

Copy the cells and then in the new sheet go to A1 and choose edit/paste special/transpose.
That should work?

  mammak 21:59 08 Oct 07

I would do a paste special and sort but hey Excel and I hate each other Enter....Vog

  Alf58 22:32 08 Oct 07

Thanks for the replies. Here goes!

  Alf58 22:43 08 Oct 07

I have tried but have not succeeded. When I go to paste special I am given two options: "Unicode text" or "text" there is no "transpose". Have I missed a trick somewhere? option

  Alf58 23:06 08 Oct 07

Ok I got the transpose command worked out but what is happining is that my list which was originally going from top to bottom now goes from left to right. What I am trying to achieve is as follows:
Original list John Adams
Sid Bloggs

new list J S E
o i t
h d c

d l
a o
m g
s g

Any ideas? Am I trying to do the impossible?

  fishface113 23:16 08 Oct 07


Do what you are doing then go to the "alignment controls and change the orientation!

That is

Select the cell

Select "format cells"

Select "alignment" from the menu.

You can make your text go up down left right diagonal or anything you like!

  Alan2 23:49 08 Oct 07

In Excel 2002 I've just put random names into five horizontal adjacent cells,

selected that row (ie the five cells),

clicked copy,

positioned the cursor in the cell intended to be the TOP of the column to be created,

clicked the small arrow to the right of the paste button then

clicked transpose from the drop down list.

The names then formed a column in the same order.

  Alf58 00:25 09 Oct 07

Alan you have saved the day. I followed your instruction and then changed the text alignment which resulted in the desired effect. Thank you and all others who have posted on this topic: your accumulated expertese has enabled me to achieve my goal.

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