Excel question

  scan513 15:45 19 Feb 04

I need to put in a "correction tick" in excel but cant seem to find it anywhere, Eg. Tick ( ) the points you have thought about and put a cross ( X ) next to those you have never considered.

Anyone know where to look?, its the Office 2000 version I am using.

  GlobalPC 15:55 19 Feb 04

Go to view/toolbars/control box. Select the checkbox from the control box and draw your box on the worksheet. Click "exit design mode" and you have your tick box.

  xania 16:05 19 Feb 04

I think I understand what you mean. The nearest I have found to a tick is the character you will find in Word. Use the <Insert> drop down menu and select <symbol>. You want the <Symbols> font and the character is just right of centre in the penultimate row. You will find that this prints out as Ö, but if you insert it into your spreadsheet, the correct design appears in the cell.

  scan513 16:10 19 Feb 04

Thanks for your answer GlobalPC

but it is not the tick box I want, it is the actual symbol for the correction mark I am looking for.

For the cross I use "X" but for the correction mark I need the actual symbol to tell people what to use.

  scan513 16:15 19 Feb 04

Thanks xania, thats exacly what I was looking for!
I appreciate that :)

  GlobalPC 16:23 19 Feb 04

Try (format the cell to font Wingdings) and key Alt+0252 (hold alt down and key on numeric keypad).
The matching cross (x) is alt+0251.

Is that what you mean?

  scan513 16:31 19 Feb 04

Thanks GlobalPC that works perfecly :)

  GroupFC 18:56 19 Feb 04

For reference - thank you.

  Chris the Ancient 20:38 19 Feb 04

Yup, I know it's been resolved, but...

In Excel there is a check box - with a tick - available in the Control Box toolbar.

View/toolbars/control box

Click on the tick box and draw the tool where appropriate and modify its label, then click the design button (set square on a ruler) to get out of design mode.



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