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  lindyloo4 18:54 16 Jan 03
  lindyloo4 18:54 16 Jan 03

I have set up a multiple sheet spreadsheet for monthly stats at work. Each sheet has a final monthly row of figures. What I want to do is copy this last row to the following month and add this to the last row of that months figures - so that I can have a row showing an accumlative total.
I have tried 'paste special' using 'Values' when I set the spreadsheet up, but the line stops the same as when I pasted it. What I mean is adding info to the previous sheet (of which this is a copy of the final total row - if you are still following me) nothing changes.
I suppose at the end of each month I could copy and paste the final row but what I really want is for it to calculate it automatically.
I am only self taught on excel,so if anyone can actually understand what I am trying to explain a very 'simple english' reply would very much be appreciated.

  Sneakers 19:08 16 Jan 03

If I understand you correctly what you will need to do is (I'll describe the best I can:
1)Click on a cell where you want the figure from the previous sheet to appear.
2)Click the '=' in front of the edit box
3)Go to the cell on the previous sheet (the figure you want to carry forward)click on that.
That sheet and cell reference should now appear in the edit box after the equals sign.
4}Click on the green tick.
It should be done.
5}Drag the formulae(cell reference) to the remainder of the column.
The above assumes that you are using a multi sheet version of Excel.
Hope this helps.
If not, you know who to call.......:-)

  lindyloo4 19:21 16 Jan 03

I've got a copy of the spreadsheet at home and just given it a try. It's just what I wanted. Thank you very much !!!! :-)))


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