Excel Problem

  Chas49 15:37 31 Aug 08

Years ago I wrote a program to enable my eighbour to run large tennis tournaments, ie:- over 500 players. I built a protection system into the program where, it tried to open a text file before it would run. The text file was stored on the C drive where the program could find it.

Now, 4 years later I want to open the program to get at the VBA code which runs it. Fate being what it is I have tried every permutation of what I 'think' is the file name so that I can recreate it.

Does anyone know of a way to access the code? I as thinking of a program which would read the .xls file. I do't know what program it is but it lists the numbers representing the ASCII code on the left and the alpha characters on the right - I ould then search through that and locate the actual text filename. I'm sure that someone knows what I mean, at least I hope so g>

  VoG II 15:53 31 Aug 08

I just tried opening an Excel file containing VBA using this free hex editor click here and I could just about 'read' the code. However, I got just as good if not better results by opening it in Notepad.

If you need to retrieve the password for a protected VBA project click here works but is not free.

  Chas49 16:27 31 Aug 08

Many thanks VOG. The Hex Editor was difficult to read - so I took your advice regarding the opening of an .xls file in Notepad. It was a very large file and, wouldn't you know it, the information was at the very end - but it was there!

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