Excel problem

  neil_raj 19:00 12 Nov 05

Hi all.

I have heard of a way were you can type data in sheet 1 and it automatically replicates in sheet 2. I have forgotten the formula for this. I'm not talking about copying and pasting from s1 to s2.

Can anyone help?

Thanks........... Neil.

  VoG II 19:17 12 Nov 05

You need a formula like

='my first sheet'!A1

in A1 of the second sheet. Then just copy the formula across and down as far as you need.

  Simsy 19:37 12 Nov 05

perhaps what you want...

Select the Sheet1 using the tab at the bottom left... hold CTL and select Sheet2...

They are both now selected and any typing you do in any cell will be in that cell on both sheets.

Does that help?



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