Excel printing

  Noldi 20:42 16 May 06

Working with Excel today and this problem stumped me.

eg If you freeze panes say row 1-3 and then scroll to find a row of data you want say row 60 and lining it up with your headers, then you try to print this without printing all that you have scrolled past rows 4 to 59.

Tried setting print area no luck, looked for option in page set up also.

Basically somebody asked me for a particular piece of Data and I thought ok ill print that quick but ended up with a print screen.


  johnnyrocker 20:55 16 May 06

copy required items paste elsewhere and print?


  Woolwell 21:33 16 May 06

I should wait until the resident expert replies but:

File: Page Setup - Sheet
Select your heading row to repeat at the top.

Then select the row you wish to print and then click under flie Print and chose print selection.

This should give you the header and the line of data.

  Woolwell 21:33 16 May 06

Should of course read file not flie.

  Noldi 07:13 17 May 06

Thank you both for that but.

I was looking for a quick print. The problem with the second option is I actually freeze in both directions. Basically I have dates across the top and Part and serial No down the side. So I want to give a quick print out of what parts are to be run on a set date.

I still need to keep all data for reference.


  Noldi 07:37 17 May 06

Got it
Basically what Woolwell suggested

Page set up

Sheet-Repeat Rows top and side- print area.

A bit longer winded than I wanted but it works

Thanks Noldi

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