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  Boy Zone 07 Dec 11

I'm try to resolve the following:- Firstly in cell A4 is equation A4 =sum(A1-A3) ie taking one number from another to give a total.

What I'm trying to do in the cell A4 is to compare this value with another cell say B4 and if A4 is higher to make that cell turn RED and if lower turn that cell GREEN.

if number in cell A4 is great than B4 number is shown in RED or lower shown in GREEN

  Woolwell 07 Dec 11

You want conditional formatting Conditonal formatting and How to use

  Boy Zone 07 Dec 11

I am aware of conditional logic but my problem is using a formula to make a calculation and then compare the results with another cell and show if its higher by its colour.

  Woolwell 07 Dec 11

You can two rules one which will make the cell red if it is greater than B4 and the other which will make the cell green if it lower than B4. It is not a formula but conditional formatting.

I would have used in A3 =A1-A3

  Boy Zone 09 Dec 11

not sure how this one works.

I know how to create a simple IF statement

such as =IF(A1>A2,"LOWER",HIGHER") but this does not show the number in cell

but what I trying to do is :- A1 = say 1000 A2 = say 1080

what I want to highlight is, if the number in A2 is higher than A1 I want this number in A2 to be in RED text and if lower shown in GREEN text (number) How do I do this???

  Woolwell 09 Dec 11

Sorry I misunderstood your initial question. I thought that you wanted the cell to turn colour not the text.

VOG will be better able to answer. In the meantime I'll look into it.

  VoG II 09 Dec 11

You can colour the text (font) using Conditional Formatting. For the red text, CF > Use a formula... option, enter the formula


Click Format, on the Font tab in the Color dropdown select Red then OK your way out.

Similarly for the green condition.

  Woolwell 09 Dec 11

It is conditional formatting. Highlight the cells you want formatted. Click on the bottom arrow below conditional formatting and select manage rules. Click on new rule - select format only cells that contain. In the window below change use the drop down arrow to change from between to less than then choose the cell you want to compare it to in your case $A$1. The under format choose your font colour and then ok and apply. Repeat the process for greater than.

  Woolwell 09 Dec 11

VoG™'s way is much easier.


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