onto Excel now keyboard works

  Ray5776 21:41 12 Jun 07

Hi again,
can anyone tell me if I can do this.
I want to creat a very narrow column, only one number/digit wide at the far right of my sheet and when I make an entry for example a tick it will change the font colour of another entry in the same row.


  VoG II 21:48 12 Jun 07

To make a narrow column, click on the column divider and drag it to the left.

To format another column depending upon that entry use Conditional Formatting. Tutorials click here

  Ray5776 22:20 12 Jun 07

Hi Vog, thanks for the link, can`t you just tell me how to do it :-)


  Ray5776 22:28 12 Jun 07

I suppose I could use a 1 or a Y instead of a tick.

  Ray5776 22:31 12 Jun 07

No it would have to be a numerical value looking at it. ie 1 not a letter or tick.

  Ray5776 19:06 13 Jun 07

Thanks for the link Vog, interesting site.
Still not sure exactly how to do what I require which is if I enter any value in column Q then the font colour of the cell in column J on the same row changes to black.


  Ray5776 19:22 14 Jun 07


  VoG II 19:26 14 Jun 07

What formula have you used for the conditional format?

  Ray5776 20:28 14 Jun 07

Hi Vog,
I have not yet worked out a formula,
looking on the lines of enter into row Q
Cell value greater than 0 =J change the font to black
Obviously not using these words this is the basic idea.
Whilst I found the link helpful re Excell it also seems to be a lesson in American speedtalk, can it be paused or slowed down so that the less experienced of us
have a chance to take it on board without having to do constant replay


  Ray5776 20:32 14 Jun 07

It would be useful if I had "greater than" a nanosecond to copy an example formula.

  VoG II 20:38 14 Jun 07

I'm assuming that you want column J to change colour when there is an entry in column Q. Also that you are *not* using Excel 2007.

Click in J1, Format > Conditional Formatting. Change Cell Value Is: to Formula Is:. In the formula box enter


Then click the Format button and select your formatting, then OK your way out.

Click the Format Painter toolbar icon (painbrush) then select as many rows in J that you want this format to apply to.

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