Excel and Large continuous numbers

  pcolvin00 20:41 04 Sep 06

I am asking this for a friend.

The problem is this:

A series of numbers is being entered into an Excel spreadsheet. These are continous and are all preceeded by the digits 00 (zero, zero).

The numbers are for example: 0063005610001287 and incremental of one, 0063005610001288, 0063005610001289, etc...

Whenever numbers are put in and selected, then dragged from the corner as would seem normal the selected numbers are just copied over and over. We've both tried different formatting, as Number formatting loses the preceeding 0's), text allows this to happen but not with the large numbers we're talking about, special lists and formulas (well simple ones anyway) but to no luck.

Help please as this is infuriating.

  Woolwell 20:53 04 Sep 06

As your numbers always start with 00 then you can create a custom number "00"# will place two zeroes before any number. You then enter 63005610001287 and so on. After two you can select and drag and get the autofill your require. This worked for me in Excel 2003.

  GWWB 22:09 04 Sep 06

select the cell and right click select format cells and choose number then custom. then in the format box type 16 zeros with no decimal places. then type your fouteen digit number and enter. Hold down the ctrl key and drag down from the corner. you will find this achieves what you're after

  GWWB 22:21 04 Sep 06

Sorry for the typo. I should have said after entering the 16 zeros, click ok to come out of the formatting box and enter tour 14 digit numer in the Excel cell

  GWWB 22:26 04 Sep 06

Blimey! even more typos

  Simsy 22:51 04 Sep 06

to do any arithmetic with the numbers?

If so, what Woolwell suggests will be ok. Other methods, such as formatting as "text", may give a problem.

Good luck,



  John B 23:03 04 Sep 06

any use? click here

  silverous 23:32 04 Sep 06

Just tried to do this then spotted GWWB has it spot on :) It wasn't the formatting that was your problem - it was not holding ctrl. Same if you started with just 1 digit 1.

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