Excel help required

  Housten 07 Jun 12

Good Afternoon, everyone.

I have a spreadsheet which is growing longer on a daily basis, with a series of varying values. What I want to do is to record the daily value and then have a cell alongside it show what the highest number has been. I have tried, and failed miserably, to do this with the 'if' function but this failed. I have been using "=IF(K12>$M$10,$M$10=K12,IF($M$10>=K12,$M$10))" in column M, starting in row 12, with the idea that the greatest value would be put in M10, and then printed alonside the cells of column K, in which I am recording the changing values. I know I should have thought of this before, but I have only just realised that this information would be handy and I am already over 200 rows long!

Any ideas/help/information/advice would be very, very gratefully received. I have been at this for two days now and this is driving me bananas, so any help will be most gratfully received.

  VoG II 07 Jun 12

Try in M12 copied down something like


  Housten 07 Jun 12


I can only say "brilliant, really brilliant!". I entered it and then copied it down all the rows, and BANG!! I had the highest value instantly. I didn't even realise the values had gone as high as they have, another marvellous side effect.

Many, many thanks for your very speedy help.


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