Excel help with meter readings

  Graham. 17:46 25 Sep 09

I need to check my fuel consumption on a daily basis for a while.

Column A is the date, column B is Electricity Day, column C will be Total Used, column D is Electricity Night, column E will be Total Used, F is Gas, G is Total Used.

I would like the Totals to appear automatically when I enter a new reading. The Totals are 'used per day', not a running total.

  VoG II 18:02 25 Sep 09

I'm confused!

Is there one row per day or multiple rows (if so why?).

  Graham. 19:24 25 Sep 09
  Graham. 19:30 25 Sep 09

Even better click here

  VoG II 20:11 25 Sep 09

Then I don't understand the need for the Totals columns.

  Graham. 20:17 25 Sep 09

When I enter tomorrows readings, I need to know the usage for that 24 hour period in columns C, E and G.

  VoG II 21:06 25 Sep 09

Sorry but you are not being clear. Please post an example with a few rows filled showing what you expect to see in the Totals columns.

  Graham. 21:39 25 Sep 09

click here

I've not labeled the daily usage columns (Totals). I have entered the calculations manually, I would like Excel to do it.

  Graham. 23:03 25 Sep 09
  VoG II 07:50 26 Sep 09

In C3 enter


and drag down as far as needed. Similarly with the other totals columns.

  Graham. 09:40 26 Sep 09

Thanks, that works fine.

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