Excel help

  ukhomerj2003 03 Jun 11

I have 14 thousand Excel files i need to search through for addresses. Is there a programme that can examine the file content and report/flag a result?

  The Potter 04 Jun 11

Please forgive me for being the first to respond and not have an answer for you ......

I don't wish to know your personal business but please can you give me a scenario where someone would have 14K Excel files (assuming you are talking about workbooks) to search through - maybe inherited some poor business practice? My mind boggles (probably due to ignorance despite having an advanced qualification in some aspects of the programme)!


  wiz-king 04 Jun 11

Do you mean 'addresses' or an address? You could use the computers 'find' to find a workbook containing one word of an address (eg London), it would be slow but it will pull aout every instance of that word.

  Terry Brown 04 Jun 11

Have a look at this link for solutions. link text


  ukhomerj2003 04 Jun 11

TP I have the files for business, and it is a legitimate reason why i have these as they are old account files. They are not illegally sourced, nor used for any bad practice. They have a lot of historical data i need to reference against. Thank you

  VoG II 04 Jun 11

If they are all in the same folder and the data that you want to extract is in the same cells in each workbook, maybe you can adapt this


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